Back to Wordpress

You’ve probably noticed that my blog has changed again. I’ve moved back to Wordpress from Octopress. I could never find a plugin for Octopress that did image captions right. I spent way too much time on it and just decided to use something that just worked. I looked at a lot of static blogging engines and they all had their issues.

With Wordpress, I have to use the web based editor, but it works and their is a lot of plugins and support behind it. I have better things to spend my time on. To make things better, I think I’ll try Desk. I’ve also installed the Markdown plugin, so I can continue to use it.

This has also got me thinking. Wouldn’t be nice if there was a Mac app that provided a nice writing environment (with Markdown of course), and then would generate your static website, without having to use the command-line or be a programmer? There used to be an app from Fog Creek called City Desk that did this. Maybe I’ll create this app.

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